Why You should Have a Will

56% of Canadian adults don’t have a will. An absolutely startling number.

Making a will allows you to:

  • Decide who will receive your property when you pass away.

  • Decide who will manage the business of your estate after you die

  • Decide who will hold property for minors until they reach the age of majority

  • Decide who will be the guardian of your minor children

  • Use estate planning techniques to minimize estate fees and taxes.

  • Avoid extra legal expenses and minimize Family fights.

Why You Should Have Powers of Attorney

Life sometimes takes an unexpected path. Virtually every family experiences a family member that undergoes deterioration on health, and deterioration in their ability to make decisions on their own.

Having powers of attorney allows you to:

  • Appoint someone to manage your property in the event that you become incapable of doing so yourself

  • Appoint someone to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event that you become incapable of doing so yourself

  • Avoid expensive, time consuming and sometimes emotionally difficult court proceedings.

Our Approach

The lawyers at Plan Your Will understand that this is a difficult and intimidating process for some people. We take every measure to ensure that the process of making your will is thorough, specific to your specific circumstances, and easy to understand.  We have created cost effective plans to ensure that your Estate Planning and Capacity Planning needs are met at a reasonable and affordable price.

How Long Does it take?

We will take as long as is necessary for your circumstances to ensure the correct plans are in place. Typically, it takes my clients roughly an hour and a half to go through our questionnaire, and gather the information they will need to provide answers.    When the questionnaire is completed, it takes between 1-2 hours usually to go over the answers, make final decisions on the best way to proceed.   It is our aim to have a first draft for review available no more than 3 business days after the first meeting.  Often sooner.   We then schedule a signing session, which takes less than half an hour.

All-in-all my clients spend about 4-5 hours on average with the whole process of organizing matters, meeting and signing.  It is not nearly as time consuming as many people fear. 



Includes an in office lawyer consultation, 1 lawyer prepared will, 1 power of attorney for personal care, 1 continuing power of attorney for property.



Includes an in office lawyer consultation, 2 lawyer prepared wills, 2 powers of attorney for personal care, 2 continuing powers of attorney for property.

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