Advance Healthcare Directives – What are they? Do I need one?

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Advance Healthcare Directives – What are they? Do I need one?

Wills and powers of attorney are, in my view an essential part of any estate plan. What about “Living Wills” and Advance Healthcare Directives?

What is a Living Will (Advance Healthcare Directive)?

A living will is a binding document that allows you to express your specific wishes about specific types of treatment.

Unfortunately only morbid examples will demonstrate the point, so here goes. Imagine you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. You have been given less than one year to live. Aggressive treatment may bring vomiting and discomfort, but may bring a 60% chance of extending your life for an additional year.

What would you do? What would you want your substitute decision maker to do?

Our power of attorney for personal care, charges the person we appoint with the responsibility to make decisions. Without a Living Will, it is up to their discretion.

With a living will in place, you give that decision maker guidelines on the way you want them to exercise your discretion.

Living Wills are VERY important for some people, and equally Unimportant for others. It really all depends how much guidance you want to give. Some people are thoroughly adamant that they do NOT want any intrusive treatment if there is terminal illness. Others would rather leave it to their family to decide. Its up to you.

Our deluxe Family Protection package for $899 includes
2 wills
2 Power of Attorney for Property
2 Continuing Power of Attorney for Personal Care
2 Living Wills
lawyer prepared.

The same package is available for $699 without the Living Will.

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