Is it time to make your will?

Many people ask me if the time is right to make a will. My answer is always “right away”. Of course it is impossible to think of every contingency that can happen in life, and changes in the future might be necessary. However, a well drafted will can anticipate many of the normal events in […]


I don’t like my husband. Can I leave him out of my will?

Unfortunately, not all marriages are perfect. For a wide variety of reasons, a person may decide that they do not want to include their spouse in their will. Other times, a person may decided that they only want to leave a small amount to their spouse. Generally speaking, people have full authority to make whatever […]

You get what you pay for.

Since COVID-19, there has been a heightened awareness about the need for wills. Along with this seems a new flood of players in the will preparation business. There is some serious undercutting of prices that I have seen. I am choosing to not respond by cutting my prices, but rather to continue giving good value […]


Reconnect with old friends, Now please!

At the recent funeral of a parent of a friend of mine, I realized that I was only seeing certain people at funerals. So caught up in life, I realized that people I liked, and even cared about, had flowed out of my life. I then thought about how easy it really is to get […]

Holy Nostalgia Batman

So a few weeks ago, I get invited to join a facebook group called Willowdale in the ’70s. A group dedicated to what was then a suburb of Toronto, part of what now is North York, which is now actually Toronto proper. Okay, I’ll check it out. I grew up there. Why not? Instead of […]

Separating from your spouse? Avoid unintended consequences – Update your will.

Unfortunately, not all marriages last. That is just an unfortunate fact of life. This is a stressful time. You may be worrying about finances, the impact on children, division of property. The last thing you probably want to think about is your will. However, it is very important that you least consider updating your will. […]

What to do with that one member of the family . . . . In terrorem?

It would seem that every family has one.  (Some families, even more than one) That member of the family, that will act up, cause drama, and create family problems no matter the circumstance. The “troublemaking” family member can create some very difficult situations when engaging in estate planning. What should a person do, when there […]

Status of Dual Wills – an update

Good news came for people with Dual Wills in Ontario. Rest easy. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice sent lawyers, their insurer, and their clients scrambling as the validity of many “Dual Wills” was recently called into question with the puzzling decision in Re Milne Estate. To Understand the decision and its implications you must […]

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