Are free online wills right for you?

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Are free online wills right for you?

You want a free online will option. Message me here, I will send you the link to a free online will option.   Free is good right? Fill in the blanks, and you have a will.  I have examined the various free and cheap options for wills.  My view is you get what you pay for. The free and cheap options for will, appoint executors, name beneficiaries, and have the formal requirements for a will – so it would seem that such wills are formally okay. I have a few questions for you

A. Who is verifying that the format of the will is up to date?

B. Does the will take into planning that can save taxes and estate fees?

C. Do you understand all of the terminology? Who is explaining things to you?  How can you assure that it is properly signed and witnessed, and legally valid?

Making a will is not something to be taken lightly. It is complicated. Filled with potential problems if done improperly.  Your estate might lose thousands of dollars if not structured properly. It might be void if done incorrectly.

Our law firm has prepared our Family Protection Package.  $699 for couples. It includes two wills and four powers of attorney.    PLUS, it includes one on one consultation with a lawyer. There to answer every question, to make suggestions and to help avoid the problems.   While complicated, it is not difficult with proper guidance.

If you are looking for something dirt cheap or free, we are not the place for you.  If you are looking for experienced advice reasonably priced, and peace of mind. please contact us.