Holy Nostalgia Batman

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Holy Nostalgia Batman

So a few weeks ago, I get invited to join a facebook group called Willowdale in the ’70s. A group dedicated to what was then a suburb of Toronto, part of what now is North York, which is now actually Toronto proper. Okay, I’ll check it out. I grew up there. Why not?

Instead of my newsfeed being about the dreaded election, or some political discussion about Trump and his misdeeds and/or triumphs, a flood of heart-warming nostalgia overcame my feed. I was starting to see the names of old friends and acquaintances. There were people I had not heard from since Jr. High, Public School. etc.  It was nice to make those connections.

Those who know me, know I always have my hand in something creative. Whether it is writing, or art, or something else, my brain doesn’t really stop. So I began writing.   Writing about my memories of the Science Centre, the Exhibition, the Peanut Plaza (a Willowdale staple) I don’t know how much content I created.  Luckily, I had taken a typing course at Don Valley Jr. High, and I am very quick at doing this.

I even started writing some prose inspired by my childhood experiences in Willowdale.  The Willowdale Widget Warp.  I’m three chapters in, and who knows? I might even finish this one.

People have asked me don’t you work? It’s strange. I am the most productive at work when my creative juices are flowing. Man, has this given a jump start to my creative juices. So yes, for those who seem concerned. I do work, and yes, I am getting my work done.

Which brings me to my work – helping people with their estate planning needs. How is that for a segue? Everyone knows they need a will. Excuses after excuse can be found to put it off. Put it off no longer. It is affordable. It does not take nearly as long as you might be thinking, and it gives you peace of mind.

Packages start of $799.


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