Top 10 Reasons You should NOT make a will in Ontario.

10. You hate your family, and you want to make life as difficult as possible for them when you die. 9. You would prefer that a government formula determines who gets your assets. 8. You do not want any say in who will look after your children. 7. You would rather not have a say […]

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Alzheimer Ontario video – Do you really need a Will?

I am so proud to be working with Alzheimer’s Ontario on this project.  Please check out this short video.  

Grant your power of attorney like you would use your stress relief spinner. Use with caution.

  Recently, my kids brought home on of those stress reliever spinning things.   Essentially to relieve stress, you put the spinner in your fingers, and through the wonders of centrifugal force, the spinner creates a weird sensation in your hand.  Admittedly, the gadget fascinated me for about 10 minutes – and remarkably, it […]


Hooray for Latin – Finding Nemo

My latin is rather rusty. Never learned it in school, and only came across it in law school, where suddenly phrases that could be easily understood by me if they were said in English were now presented in Latin.   One that has always stood out for me is the phrase Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet. […]

How Often Should a Will or Living Trust Be Updated?

If you are among the few Canadians that has an actual will or living trust, it can be difficult to convince some people to sit down and review this important document at least once every five years and whenever there are certain important life changes. To help you decide if now would be a good […]

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Protect Your Family with a Will

With the tragic loss of so many famous celebrities in 2016, it should be an indication that we cannot hold with absolute certainty how long we will live. As you start off the New Year, one resolution you can make to help protect your family and loved ones is to create a will. You might […]

Wow, that was no as bad as I thought it would be

Virtually every time I meet with people to make their will and powers of attorney, there is almost a palpable sense of relief when it is done. So many people say to me “wow, that was not as bad as I thought it would be”. People seem to store going to a lawyer to make […]

Multiple Wills? Why would I want more than one will?

In some circumstances, I am recommending to my clients that they make more than one will. While I do charge extra for this service – it is only done in circumstances where having more than one will leads to considerable savings in estate and probate fees for my client. When a person passes away with […]

Blogging at the Alzheimer’s Society

I am truly honoured to be guest blogging at the Alzheimer’s Society for Make a Will month (November) My blogs will appear on their site on November 1, 10, 14, 17, 21, and 24. I will let everyone know where the links are, when I have them. I am very excited for the opportunity. […]

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